On this day: Ben Stokes got arrested for altercation outside a nightclub

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Image Source : GETTY IMAGES

File photo of Ben Stokes.

September 26 will remain a forgettable day in the life of English cricketer Ben Stokes. Three years ago, on this day, the all-rounder was charged with affray by prosecutors after a violent incident that, for the time being, derailed the career of one of the sport’s most sought-after players. Stokes was caught in an altercation with former serviceman Ryan Hale and firefighter Ryan Ali outside the nightclub in Bristol. 

After this, Stokes was arrested at the scene and footage from one of the police officers’ body cameras captured him saying he intervened because a man was “abusing my two friends for being gay.”

This Incident led him to miss some of his country’s biggest matches as he fought the case. He also missed the 2nd Test at Lord’s against India as he appeared in court.

The all-rounder was the costliest player in the 2017 edition of the Indian Premier League at $2.15 million (14.5 Crore).  

Stokes was suspended along with his team-mate Alex Hales, who was also present during the incident.

After four months trial, he was charged with affray by the Crown Prosecution Service, but eventually found not guilty.

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