North Korea Sees U.S. as Ongoing Threat, Kim Jong Un Says in Speech

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Kim Jong Un

said the U.S. threat against North Korea remains “utterly unchanged” under President


accusing Washington of using increasingly cunning methods and words.

In a policy speech to his rubber-stamp legislature, Mr. Kim didn’t mention or criticize Mr. Biden by name, though specified his assessment was proved by the American deeds done “over the past eight months,” according to a Thursday state-media report of his remarks. The North Korean leader ordered officials to take tactical measures that would firmly protect the country’s sovereignty.

“The U.S. is touting ‘diplomatic engagement’ and ‘dialogue without preconditions,’” Mr. Kim said, “but it is no more than a petty trick for deceiving the international community and hiding its hostile acts.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim expressed a desire to restore an inter-Korean hotline in early October, a move that could help repair frayed ties with Seoul. His younger sister,

Kim Yo Jong,

was also promoted to the country’s top policy-making body, the State Affairs Commission.

The Kim regime in recent weeks has conducted three weapons tests. That includes a Tuesday launch of a new hypersonic missile, which is designed to travel roughly a mile per second. It appears, though, to be in an early stage of development.

Mr. Kim hasn’t commented much this year about U.S. relations, a contrast with his relationship with former President

Donald Trump,

with whom the North Korean leader exchanged warm letters and met face-to-face three times.

In January, shortly before Mr. Biden took office, Mr. Kim called the U.S. the country’s biggest enemy and promised that Pyongyang’s approach wouldn’t change no matter who was president.

Then in June, Mr. Kim, making his first remarks about U.S. policy since Mr. Biden took office, kept his options open. The country should be ready for both dialogue and confrontation, he said.

The Biden administration has repeatedly offered to meet with North Koreans without preconditions, while denying that the U.S. holds hostilities against the impoverished country. But the Kim regime has given Washington the cold shoulder.

North Korea has signaled its patience for talks has worn thin. Senior officials, including Mr. Kim, have insisted that the rogue nation would remain uninterested in diplomacy until the U.S. makes moves like canceling joint military exercises with South Korea or removing economic sanctions.

In his Wednesday policy speech, Mr. Kim criticized the U.S. and South Korea for an “excessive arms buildup” that is destroying stability and balance on the Korean Peninsula. Mr. Kim also cast doubts on South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s recent suggestion of a peace declaration that could end the Korean War.

Even with such an agreement, Mr. Kim said hostile acts would continue, so long as there remains “the apple of distrust and confrontation between the North and South,” he said. He also blamed Seoul for clamoring for international cooperation “in servitude to the U.S.”

Kim Yo Jong, in recent days, had floated the prospects of an inter-Korean summit contingent on Seoul demonstrating mutual respect and impartiality.

The inter-Korean hotline was revived in late July. But after roughly two weeks, communications were cut again in August, as Pyongyang protested joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises occurring around that time.

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