Making Holiday Plans? Google Travel Is Your One-Stop Solution

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Covid-19 has changed the world of travel. From hand sanitisers in hotel lobbies and masked-up cabin crew to localised lockdowns. Now, as the pandemic situation eases, the demand for travel is also gradually picking up. Hence, an increasing number of individuals are seeking to go out and explore. But in this post-pandemic world, it often gets hard to plan a trip all on your own. Luckily, Google has a suite of solutions to assist you in doing so.

Google pooled its resources to ensure that people can travel securely with the latest information in their hands. This contains fresh and updated search information, location suggestions, and even road trip planning advice, all just a few clicks away.

Google has consolidated its travel-related products — the Google Trips app, Google Hotels search, Google Flights, and others — into a single home page, aptly named Google Travel.

When you go to, the first thing you will notice is your scheduled trips whether you have booked them using the Google services or not. The site gathers all your travel-related stuff such as all of the booking invoices to your itinerary, verification codes, and travel details, and shows them along with the weather forecast for your travel dates.

Aside from that, the explore tab will include ideas that will help users to plan their next trip by searching a location, flights, hotels, or vacation packages. In addition, you may view all of your previous journeys in one spot.

The second feature from Google is a redesign of the “Explore” page on its Travel site. Instead of merely showing flights, the page will now list locations that can be reached by both plane and vehicle, with the latter added as an option because, clearly, it is a safer mode of transportation during the pandemic. If you wish to embark on a long journey, you can easily change the tab to “Flights Only.”

After you are done exploring your next travel destination, you can easily create your trip by choosing the dates of your travel. The travel site will suggest flights and stays after you have chosen your destination.

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