How To Hard Reset An Apple iPhone If It Gets Unresponsive

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There are several times when our smartphones are stuck and become unresponsive and you can’t shut it down using the normal methods. A problem more persistent in Android phones, even iPhones get stuck at times, leaving users no option but to hard reset their smartphones. Now, a hard reset is not the same as a factory reset, which clears all data from your smartphone. Hard reset is basically forcing your smartphone to restart using three buttons.

A forced restart will force your iPhone to power off and restart without the typical process. While shutting down the usual way is easier and more secure, it does not work if your iPhone becomes unresponsive. It is advised that users avoid force restarting their smartphones in a normal scenario as doing this regularly may cause harm to the iPhone. The smartphone should shut down or restart in the way it is meant to, unless it becomes unresponsive. Let us take a look at how to hard reset your smartphone, step-by-step.

To force restart your iPhone, you need to press three buttons in rapid succession, and keep holding it on the last button press. Here are the steps:

-Press and release volume Up button, press and release the Volume down button, then press and hold the power button. When pressing the power button, users need to hold it till they see an Apple logo on the screen.

When the Apple logo appears, it means thatthe iPhone has started rebooting. It is important to note here that this can be slightly tricky, and users need to get the functionality absolutely right if they want this to work. Hence, if the iPhone does not force restart in the first attempt, it is advised that you keep doing it until you get it right.

With a forced restart, an iPhone may take longer than usual to start up. Once done, you will see the lock screen like you usually do on a normal reboot.

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