Gujarat couple goes for parasailing in Diu, rope snaps mid-air | Watch

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Gujarat couple experience life-threatening experience while parasailing in Diu.

A couple went through a heart-wrenching, death-escaping experience while trying for adventure sports in Diu. Ajit Kathad and his wife, who went for a parasailing experience in Diu went through the worst nightmare when the parasailing rope tied to a boat separated from the source.

The incident happened when the couple was almost at the full-height in the sky, leaving any possibility of being controlled from the ground.

The couple fell into the sea but were safe as they were wearing life jackets. They were later saved by lifeguards deployed at the beach.

Ajit Kathad’s elder brother Rakesh Dharecha, who was on the boat was shooting them when this incident happened. The video of this hair-raising was shared by Dharecha on Twitter, asking responsible authorities to take action.

Adventure sports are thrill but can also turn life-threatening if performed without full-proof security arrangements.

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