Great innovation! IPS officer develops unique Wi-Fi based home security device

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IPS officer develops unique Wi-Fi based home security device

An IPS (Indian Police Service) officer has developed a unique home security system that works on a Wi-Fi network. Former Delhi Traffic Police chief Dr. Muktesh Chander, who has a penchant for ‘toying’ with electronic equipment, said his latest innovation can be installed easily in any household. 

Dr. Chander, who has also served as Goa DGP, shared with India TV the reasons that prompted him to work on the security system. “Such security systems are modern-day requirement for every household, office, business installations, godowns etc. These are common in foreign countries, but in India, it is not that popular as of now. So, I decided why not develop an indigenous device. I had earlier made a similar device which was SIM card-based. I used a 2G SIM card in it. Now, with the 2G technology being phased out, I decided to make the system Wi-Fi compatible,” he said. 

How does the device work?

Explaining the working system of the wireless device, Dr. Chander said, “When someone tries to open the door of your house or enter through window, the door opening sensors and motion detectors will get activated and you will receive a message on the app installed in your smartphone alerting you. A siren attached with the device will also alert the neighbours.” 

“There is also a small remote key which can be used as ‘panic button’ by old age people to send an SOS in case of emergency. This remote key can also be used to operate fan, lights in your room. So, you can say this is a 2-in-1 kind of a device,” he added.

What about commercial production of the device?

When asked whether he has plans to start commercial production of the device designed by him, Dr. Chander said,” As of now, there is no such plan…this is just my hobby. But after retirement, I may think about its marketing.”

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