Former Germany captain Philipp Lahm opposed to biennial FIFA World Cup

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Former Germany captain Philipp Lahm opposed to biennial FIFA World Cup

Former Germany captain Philipp Lahm is opposed to FIFA’s plans to implement a biennial World Cup.

“I find the current rhythm should remain as it is. I think as a player you can expect a tournament every two years, and I think that other sports also have the right to be in the spotlight. So, that’s why I’m absolutely in favour of keeping it the way it is now. I’ve always felt comfortable like this as a player. I can only speak from my own perspective,” Lahm said on Tuesday.

 “As a fan, I think it’s great that such a major event takes place every two years (either the World Cup or Euro). That’s why I’m in favour of things remaining as it is now.”

Germany on Tuesday unveiled the logo for soccer’s 2024 European Championship during a ceremony with a light show in the stadium that will hold the final.

Some guests and media were invited to Berlin’s Olympiastadion for the UEFA launch, though no fans were present on a damp evening in the German capital.

The logo features an outline of the Henri Delaunay Cup – the bulbous tournament trophy – set on a coloured oval outline that resembles the Olympiastadion’s roof.

It features colours from the flags of UEFA’s 55 member nations, set in 24 slices around the trophy to represent the 24 teams that will ultimately qualify for the tournament in Germany.

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