Fitbit Upgrades Its ‘Sleep Score’ Feature To ‘Sleep Animals’ For Premium Users

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Fitbit is in the process of revamping its sleep pattern monitoring feature into a quirkier and more interactive version with a tinge of funny. The smartwatch-cum-health tracker gained immense popularity among people, especially the health buffs, as it offers has a wide array of features that monitors your blood oxygen level, heart rate, and sleeping patterns. The wearable displays a ‘Sleep Score,’ which helps you analyse and make modifications to your sleeping habits. It appears the company has realised that stats and numbers aren’t that eye-catching and hence do not nudge people to actually focus on the fact that the numbers are pointing at.

Now, Fitbit has introduced ‘Sleep Animals’ as a successor to the original ‘Sleep Score’ feature. The new feature involves six categories of animals that represent six different types of sleep scores. If you click on the pop-up that gives you an analysis of your sleep last night, Fitbit displays a graphical page that shows you the animal that your sleeping pattern represents.

Here are the six ‘Sleep Animals’ that Fitbit has introduced:

Slow To Sleep Tortoise: You get the tortoise if you take a while dozing off. So, Fitbit recommends you develop a sleeping routine that will help you to sleep easily, which can include things like doing away with screens before you go to bed, or meditating before sleep, etc.

Restless Sleep Parrot: If your Fitbit displays a parrot, if you are a light sleeper. Although you get enough sleep at night, the Parrot suggests that you are low on your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. For correction, Fitbit suggests ways like having a darker environment to sleep in and incorporating daily exercise in your schedule.

Shallow Sleep Hedgehog: Hedgehogs, as Fitbit explains, are lightweight and small animals. Therefore, it represents sleep that is short and light. In this category, you aren’t getting enough REM sleep and the sleep period is short. Therefore, Fitbit suggests that you get deeper sleep by having a quieter environment.

Short Sleep Giraffe: These long-necked animals sleep a short amount as compared to other animals. Hence, if you fall into this category, you are not getting the amount of sleep that they need. However, the sleep in this category has a higher proportion of dream sleep, aka, REM sleep. Therefore, Fitbit suggests that you sleep a little earlier to correct the pattern.

Segmented Sleep Dolphin: If you get the Dolphin on your Fitbit displays, it means that you tend to sleep in short chunks and have an uneven sleep schedule. Frequent naps are something that you look for. Fitbit suggests you improve your deep sleep and reduce screen time before sleep.

Solid Sleep Bear: This category suggests that your sleep schedule is aligned with the needs of your body and has an elevated amount of deep dream sleep. Fitbit suggests you stick to the current routine and maintain the dietary elements. It also suggests staying away from factors that might affect your “bear” sleep.

Currently, Fitbit’s ‘Sleep Animals’ is only available to Premium users, in which some users still cannot see this feature on their wearable as it is still in Beta form, reports 9to5Google. More details from the company on the official rollout is awaited.

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